With all the school shootings in the US, nobody is asking Joe Biden to resign – President Buhari’s aide, Ajuri Ngelale, hits back at PDP Senators [video]

With all the school shootings in the US, nobody is asking Joe Biden to resign - President Buhari's aide, Ajuri Ngelale, hits back at PDP Senators [video]

Ajuri Ngelale who is the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Public Affairs has berated PDP Senators calling for the sack and impeachment of President Buhari over the rising cases of insecurity across the country.

His comment comes hours after members of the opposition party issued an ultimatum to President Buhari to end insecurity in the country within six weeks or face impeachment.

Ngelale lampooned the PDP Senators during an interview with Arise TV. In his words;

”The fact of the matter is we do have challenges in this country, especially with regards to security. That is not a secret anymore but we have no interest in pretending that it is not a problem.

But what we need in the country now, asides from an effective strategy to deal in finality with the issue of insecurity, is a thinking and intellectual opposition in the country.

If you heard the chants, it was ”Lawan must go”, ‘Buhari must go’. That is what they were saying.

We need to let go of gimmickry in this country. Gimmicks are not going to solve our problem.

If we have an intellectual opoosition in this country, what they will be thinking about doing or working towards is even if it is to engage international security consultants to come up with a clear plan, implementable plan”

Reacting to comments that the PDP has in time past made suggestions to the President on how to tackle insecurity in the country but it was not adhered to, he said;

”What are those suggestions? Are those suggestions that the President should resign? Are the suggestions that the Security chiefs should be sacked? These are the kind of simple minded statements and solutions that don’t lead anywhere.

We spent almost four or five years asking the President to sack the previous service chiefs and that if we do that, all will be Uhuru. That is what our opposition made us to believe. They were sacked, they were replaced. We began to see gains and everything. Now we are having a different sort of problem coming up.

The solution is it to sack everybody? If you go to the United States now where you have school shootings, in the malls, shooting everywhere, nobody is saying Joe Biden should resign. They are looking at what is it that should do to solve this problem.”

Watch a video clip of him saying this below…


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