I am sad that, gunmen did not K!ll Senator Ifeanyi Uba – Chukwuka Ofoegbu known as Ijele (VIDEO)

I am sad that, gunmen did not K!ll Senator Ifeanyi Uba - Chukwuka Ofoegbu known as Ijele (VIDEO)

The senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah escape assassination, when his convoy was attacked in Anambra State.

One of the strong critic of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Mr Chukwuka Ofoegbu, who holds a live broadcast on Facebook known as Ijele speaks, Has come out to say that the chicken has come home to roost. He said that he is regretting and also, sad that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah escaped assassination, in the sense that he has been speaking up On the issues of insecurity going on in the South East and non of the politicians did anything about it.

Ijele went on to wished they caught Mr Ubah and serve him with the same treatment given to one Mr Obiora Agbaso. Even when they caught Mr Agbaso, Mr Uba did not say anything, despite the fact, they are from the same area and living close to each other.

Ijele said Mr Uba should continue his visit to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu again and they should keep pretending that what is going on in the South East, is caused by outsiders, while some Igbos will be tagging other tribes, when the main culprits are Igbos.

According to Ijele, who claimed that, Mr Ubah would have been assassinated, during the last governorship election in Anambra, if not for the information he got and informed Mr Uba about it, which Mr Ubah never bothered to show appreciation.

He accused the Senator, for keeping mum on the killings going on in the South East, saying that the headquarter of these criminals is in his own senatorial district.

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He has never for once raised any motion in the senate, on how to tackle insecurity in South East, but he will come on national television to boast on how he visited Nnamdi Kanu, just for election purposes.

Watch the video below


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