Anambra deputy governor confronts soldiers over roadblocks, traffic jam (VIDEO)

Anambra deputy governor confronts soldiers over roadblocks, traffic jam

The Deputy Governor of Anambra, Dr Onyekachukwu Ibezim, confronted soldiers on Saturday for making roadblocks on some major roads in the state and making it hard for drivers to get around.

Ibezim, who was in charge of traffic management across the entire state, said it was unacceptable for motorists to waste time and fuel stuck in traffic due to a military operation designed to create artificial bottlenecks.

He argued that the security forces could carry out their duties without imposing an unnecessary burden on the public.

Ibezim questioned whether or not the troops at the Stanel filling station and the Nnamdi Azikiwe University entrance would keep the discarded tyres and sandbags they had used to barricade the road at Amansea, close to the border with Enugu State on the one-lane motorway.

“We must be sane in this country,” he told the soldiers. “I came here in the morning to warn you about this, but you are still blocking the traffic.”

” I pulled out as a director in the Ministry of Defense; this is not what the Army stands for.

“Allow these people to move; you do not suffer taxpayers this way,” he remarked.

Ibezim urged drivers and pedestrians to work with the state’s traffic management organisations for a more efficient transportation system.

He thinks everyone should follow the rules and the public should have free access to the roadways.

“At Amawbia bye pass, I saw heavy traffic, but when I alighted to find out what was going on, it happened that youth stood in the middle of the road, waving party flag while the traffic stood still.

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“I had to order him out to be attested; surprisingly, they said I was threatening to arrest an opposition party faithful, but we won’t succumb to such cheap blackmail; our roads must be free of all obstructions,” he stated.


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