Actress Nancy Isime Responds to Fury Over N#ude Scene in Shanty Town Film

Actress Nancy Isime Responds to Fury Over Nude Scene in Shanty Town Film

Nancy Isime, a Nollywood actress, has responded to the internet criticism of her nu#de scene from the most recent Nollywood film available on Netflix, “Shanty Town.”
According to thisweekng, “Shanty Town” is about a group of prostitutes who scheme to escape the control of a prominent criminal mastermind, Scar, played by Chidi Mokeme. However, political corruption makes gaining liberation a difficult effort, and even when someone eventually gains freedom, she is killed.

The film also depicts the challenging living circumstances seen in slums and how poverty may result in exploitation and abuse.

Nancy Isime is highly commended by critics for her amazing portrayal in the major part of the young girl who gets caught in the same web of prostitution.

But the contentious n#ude moment in which she exposed her breast and other private portions of her sparked fury online.

The sequence, in which Nancy is made to take off her clothes by Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, emphasizes the vulnerability and abuse that women experience in such circumstances.

In response to the outcry on social media, Nancy Isime revealed in a post on Instagram that the beautiful body part people are raving about is actually a prosthesis.

The actress claims that compared to her body duplicate from the film, her body parts aren’t as appetizing.

She wrote: “Simmer down horny boys and girls, I know those gorgeous body parts excite you but they sadly belong to my beautiful body double. Mine aren’t that succulent.

“Enjoy our beautiful masterpiece, get the message from each scene and Focus on the right Focus! Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews so far, I’m so glad y’all are watching and Loving Shanty Town

“Congratulations to the entire cast and crew! It’s another Win for my darling Nollywood”


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