Big Brother Titans: Fans Rejoice as Blaqboi and Ipeleng Aka Blaqleng Wins HOH for Week 2

Big Brother Titans: Fans Rejoice as Blaqboi and Ipeleng Aka Blaqleng Wins HOH for Week 2

The Big Brother Titans television program is in its second week, and as is customary, the housemates were required to take part in games to elect a new head of house.

All 24 housemates were, however, divided into 12 groups of 2, with both members of the group receiving rewards for each other’s victories or punishment for each other’s losses, including strikes, evictions, and disqualifications, regardless of who is at fault, as a result of the twist that was introduced into the show over the past week.

Similar considerations were used during the Head of House games, wherein the housemates competed in three rounds of games and those who lost in the first round were prevented from competing with their partners in the second round.

In order to get all of the balls out during the buzzer in the first round of HOH games, the males had to tie a basket full of tiny balls around their waists.

While some of the men were successful, those that fell short prevented their female partners from participating in the second round.

The women whose male partners made it through played a game called the roll up challenge in the second round where they had to roll a piece of tissue paper with a glass of liquid on it over a line without spilling its contents.

At the end of the game, only Khosi and Ipeleng came out tops and were able to participate in their third round with their male partners. Khosi and her partner, Miracle OP aka Khosicle, participated alongside Ipeleng and her partner, Blaqboi aka Blaqleng. At the end of the game, Blaqleng emerged victorious and were named the Heads of House for week 2.

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