Expect Unthinkable Repercussions IPOB Issues Alarm Should Nnamdi Kanu Die While Under DSS Custody

Expect Unthinkable Repercussions IPOB Issues Alarm Should Nnamdi Kanu Die While Under DSS Custody

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have warned that if their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, dies while being held by the Department for State Security, unthinkable consequences should be anticipated (DSS).

The separatist organization has come forward to claim that the DSS is slowly poisoning its leader Kanu to death.

The group claimed that Kanu had complained of an intestinal ailment that, in his opinion, caused him to breath bad odor when he was lying down.

While in the DSS solitary confinement facility in Abuja, its boss is being fed twice daily on bread and water without being given any medication to cure his condition.

Kanu is allegedly starving to death in a quiet and deliberate manner, according to IPOB, who also said that there is a covert plot to kill him by poisoning, drug usage, and hunger.

The group claimed that Kanu alleges the DSS hasn’t given him access to a doctor since December in a statement released on Friday by its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful.

Therefore, the organization issued a warning, warning that because Kanu is being poisoned, unthinkable consequences should be anticipated should anything happen to its commander while in captivity.

The IPOB advanced that

“The secret police want to eliminate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu up through a silent and systematic process of gradual starvation of giving him only bread and water twice a day and drugs abuse by providing him insufficient medication for his known ailment while in their solitary confinement facility in Abuja.

“Kanu had complained very sadly that he is dying slowly. He also complained bitterly that the DSS has subjected him to drug abuse as medication required for two weeks are provided for only 8 days.

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“He complained that he hasn’t been allowed to see any doctor since the second week of December 2022 and DSS has refused to take him to the doctor in spite of his deteriorating health. He says he feels his internal organs are badly affected yet the DSS have refused to take him to a hospital. He also complained bitterly about pain and sound in his left ear where he was tortured in Kenya before being Extraordinarily Renditioned to Nigeria.

“Our leader complained that if he lies down whatever he ate comes out from his mouth. He also said his intestines are bringing odours from his mouth. He says he is afraid he may not survive it but God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama will help him to survive it. He also complained about poor feeding which is worsening his health. Most times he is fed with only bread morning and night as DSS said feeding him is getting too expensive.

“It’s on record that DSS refused N1m that IPOB leadership gave them to provide adequate medication and feeding to our leader. It’s obvious that our leader has been poisoned by DSS and allowed to die gradually.”




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