IVD Declares He Is “Now Ready To Tell The Truth” Regarding The Death Of His Wife, Bimbo

IVD Declares He Is

Ikechukwu Ogbonna, also known as IVD Autos, a celebrity car dealer, has shown his willingness to talk about the death of his wife Bimbo Ogbonna.

In a video, ThisweekngTV had posted that Bimbo had died in the hospital after allegedly setting herself on fire at their Lagos house during an altercation with her husband.

According to sources, Bimbo allegedly lit herself on fire after her husband attacked her when she confronted him about the continuous beatings she endures in their 16-year marriage, which has been blessed with five children.

While Bimbo sustained severe burns and was taken to an intensive care unit at a hospital in Lagos, where she was treated for a few days before passing away on Saturday morning, IVD managed to escape with only minor injuries.

Mama Jazz, Bimbo’s sister, accused the vehicle salesman of murdering his wife after Bimbo passed away. She claimed that IVD had pushed Bimbo into the flames, then watched her burn while filming the incident on camera.

However, IVD refuted the claims in an Instagram post, where he also provided evidence to support his own account of events.

He also posted films showing his late wife wrecking his automobiles and other belongings, claiming that she loved to use violence as a release valve whenever they got into a fight.

Three months after the passing of his wife, IVD said on his Instagram account that he is prepared to come clean about Bimbo’s death.

He wrote, “Some said I can’t speak good English am not deducted am always shy to speak, lol but trust me when I speak u will get to find out that am very learned and I can actually speak and brag more than anyone. I only do this coz of social media make see finish no de.

“If guys really want to hear the truth and wanna hear my voice I will gladly do this for my fans, love you all No disrespect IVD I stan king of the street.”

A fan, however, urged him to start an Instagram live to speak his truth. “We want to hear the truth!! “Oya, start live!!” Replying, IVD wrote: “Trust me, I am now ready.”

However, another fan counted him “O stop raising settled dust! This is a life that’s fine forever! Your “truth” at this point is irrelevant…”

"I’m Now Ready To Tell The Truth” – IVD Says He Wants To Speak About The Death Of His Wife, Bimbo


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