Prince Harry admits he lost his virginity to an older woman In a field

Prince Harry admits he lost his virginity to an older woman in In a field,

In a meadow outside a popular pub, Prince Harry confessed to losing his virginity to an older woman. In his eagerly awaited autobiography, Spare, the Duke of Sussex shared intimate details about his first s€xual encounter at the age of 17.

The identity of Harry’s first s€xual partner has been teased over the years; most recently, actress Liz Hurley, 57, came forward to say she wasn’t the mystery woman.

Harry describes his first s€xual experience by claiming that his older partner “loved macho horses” and handled him “like a young stallion.”

Harry told one of the Royal Family’s bodyguards, Marco, everything back in 2001 while he was still a student at Windsor’s Eton College.

When Marco claimed he had come to learn the truth, Harry had to suffer a humiliating incident during lunch in a cafeteria in the city center.

The Prince stated in a transcript of Harry’s book: “I believed he was alluding to my recent loss of virginity, an embarrassing incident with an older woman who adored masculine horses and treated me like a young stallion.

“I swiftly mounted her, and she gave me an asslap before shooing me away. One of my many errors was allowing it to take place in a field next to a busy tavern. Someone had undoubtedly spotted us.”

However, as it turned out, Marco had been dispatched to check in on the young Prince for a different reason and Harry did not need to disclose his s€xcapades. Actually, it was because a tabloid allegedly possessed evidence of Harry using drugs, which the press office of King Charles claimed was a hoax.

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