‘Shanty Town’ echoes TINUBU’s life, with RMD portraying a prominent drug kingpin with influence in Lagos and national politics.

'Shanty Town' echoes TINUBU's life, with RMD portraying a prominent drug kingpin with influence in Lagos and national politics.

The recently launched blockbuster Netflix series “Shanty Town,” which is resonating with Chidi Mokeme, has taken over viewers’ minds with its original plot and extreme display of drugs, avarice, nudity, and pure street slang.

The series, which debuted this weekend, followed the struggle of helpless sex workers in a slum marked by the exploits of drug dealing, bootlegging, and prostitution — all of which were controlled by fetishistic, deceitful politicians seeking power at any cost.

The majority of Nigerians would surely find the storyline of the series to be highly relatable.

Richard Mofe-Damijo, who played a powerful drug cartel head and human trafficker seeking for office, is one of the show’s most notable messages. Under the guise of Chief Dacosta Oluyomi Fernandez, he attempted to seize total control of the streets using his illegally obtained wealth by first taking over a key area of his territory.

In episode two, Chief Fernandez boasted that he controlled a sizable portion of Lagos and was ready to seize control of the entire city. He is easily recognized by his distinctive cap and set of glasses.

In his part as a form of satire as Nigeria gears up for a general election, Bola Tinubu plays a strong politician from Lagos with a background of drug peddling, thuggery, public corruption, and ruthless racketeering. Mr. Tinubu has ruled Lagos for many years and is now vying for the presidency of Nigeria in the election scheduled for next month.

Due to his connection with President Muhammadu Buhari, federal officials have been hesitant to take action against Mr. Tinubu because he has maintained to deny all wrongdoing.

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As a production, ‘Shanty Town’ cinematography was well received across the country. Unlike many plays that were knocked recently for unforced sloppiness, the crime series effortlessly displayed the extent of violence using convincing explosives, gun fights and other reels to obscure disturbing scenes.

Still, the movie has been criticised for containing some poorly executed scenes, while some others were seen as just unnecessarily drawn-out.

The movie also fell short in diversity among its prostitute cast members. Following the storyline narrating the nightmare of low-class prostitutes in the hood struggling to pay off their pimp, it was deemed illogical that most of the cast members had surgically enhanced bodies that should ordinarily be beyond the reach of actual low-class struggling prostitutes. Other similar inconsistencies were also noticed in the movie.

'Shanty Town' echoes TINUBU's life, with RMD portraying a prominent drug kingpin with influence in Lagos and national politics.
Chidi Mokeme

The cast was, however, richly packed, resonating old time Chidi Mokeme and featuring other talented actors like Ini Edo, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Uche Jombo, Nancy Isime, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Shaffy Bello, Zubby Michael, Mercy Eke, Ali Nuhu, Toyin Abraham and others. The cast came through with individual roles.

Chidi Mokeme delivered an outstanding performance in the series, playing the role of  vicious drug lord pimp ‘Scar’ who was the star of the series.

‘Shanty Town’ is seen as an outstanding production that nonetheless failed to pay attention to a slew of ingredients, starting with the background story and its connection to unraveling events in the series. So many questions evolved and were unfortunately unanswered at the end.

The first season of the series was released on January 20. It’s yet unknown if there would be a season two or when it would be released.

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