Bandit leader displays newly designed naira notes and declares that he has “enough in stock” (VIDEO)

Bandit leader displays newly designed naira notes and declares that he has

Bandit leader Kachalla Baleri, who terrorizes the people of Kaduna, has unveiled a video showcasing the new naira notes.

Baleri was seen in the video standing next to some armed guys with N1000 and N200 bills.

Only God knows how many fresh Naira notes the bandit leader, who claimed to have used part of them to buy ammunition, has stashed away in sacks.

“We want to send a message to Nigerians, their leaders, and the masses, to be fair and just because of God and his holy prophet,” Baleri said.

“All the tribalism that is happening in the country will not solve anything unless things are done because of God.

“They (government) redesigned the naira, poor people who are innocent don’t even know about it. Some don’t even own up to N10,000. He has to wake up early in the morning to go and hustle.

“What of those who have millions in the cities? You see, it is between them. The money they are saying people are changing, we that are in the bush are changing it, some people who are in the cities haven’t even received it.

“But you see, the people they are referring to as terrorists have hold of the money. This is the new N1000 note, this is the new N200 note.

“We are just showing them a little out of what we have. We have plenty sacks of the new money and Only God knows the amount of the new notes that we have.”

A voice could be in the background of the video saying “I have N10 million at home”.

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“We have bought ammunition that we will fight them (government), and we are waiting for what they will say next on the new naira notes,” Baleri added.

Watch video below


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