“Electing Tinubu As President Is Second Slavery For Yoruba” – Okurounmu


Afenifere chieftain Femi Okurounmu has urged Nigerians not to support Bola Tinubu for president in the All Progressives Congress (APC).

On Monday, Okurounmu claimed that Tinubu’s presidency would have an impact on the future of Nigeria’s South West.

He added that, should Tinubu win the presidency, the Yoruba people may still be treated like “slaves” under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

In an online interactive current affairs program called “Boiling Point Are­na,” which was broadcast live on Oodua 99.9FM, Okurounmu made this assertion.

The wise man warned Nigerians not to fall for the money-driven propaganda tactics of Tinubu’s mercenaries, warning that misrule would continue if he won.

Okurounmu said, “Tinubu has be­come a problem for everybody. He has no genuine interest in the Yoruba people. Voting for him will plunge Yoruba into second slavery. He is even making fran­tic efforts to divide Afenifere.

“When the armed herdsmen were killing our people in their farmlands and their villag­es, Tinubu did not say a word. When ENDSARS protesters were at Lekki and they brought soldiers who mercilessly killed our youths, Tinubu did not say a word.

“When Yorubas were com­plaining about insecurity and killings and Igboho came up in defence of his people, Tinubu kept silent.

“Tinubu is the reason why there is no Amotekun in Lagos presently like other Yoruba states.

“Tinubu is the reason why Nigeria is in this current mess. He foisted Buhari on the nation. The Buhari that Tinubu supported was the same Buhari that took over power from the democrati­cally elected government in 1984 and harangued virtually all Yoruba politicians, includ­ing Chief Obafemi Awolowo in prison.”


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