Mr Ibu fumes as wife accuses him of violence, dating adopted daughter (VIDEO)

Mr Ibu fumes as wife accuses him of violence, dating adopted daughter (VIDEO)

The Nollywood star Mr. Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, has criticized him for suspected domestic abuse. The two appeared to be engaged in a heated argument in a now-viral video, with the actor shouting at Maris.

Do you hear me? Don’t let me become furious with you. Right now, tell me what I want to hear. Stay put, are you crazy? said the actor.

In the footage, Maris can be heard pleading with the movie star. She also questioned him about Chioma Jasmine.

In another clip, Maris claimed Mr Ibu was dating Jasmine who she described as his “girlfriend”.

She also accused the actor, born John Okafor, of neglecting her and their children.

“My children dey here dey suffer. This man came to kill me. Don’t tell me it is okay, you don’t know what I am suffering. He came prepared to beat and kill me,” she said in a mixture of pidgin and English

“I ran away from him. He came from his girlfriend’s house to come and beat me. He removed his wristwatch and was about to beat me, I pushed him and ran away.

“Look at where I am living, there is crack everywhere…inside house, there is water. Look at the car I am driving, nothing, my children do not eat, no school fees, and you are telling me to do what. Not today, your cup is full.”

But reacting in an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, the actor denied the domestic violence allegations.

“She’s my wife but there has been so much misunderstanding between us. That’s because she doesn’t want to understand the kind of person I am and my way of life,” he said.

“One or two things happened and it became a quarrel so we went out to settle it. I didn’t know she has something to push out on social media.

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“When came back from the police station, she started saying all sorts of things about me. She insulted my daughter and said all hell of things about her.

“She also insulted me, saying different things on air. I didn’t do anything to her.”

The actor also dismissed the claim that Jasmine was his girlfriend and not his daughter.

Daniel Okafor, the second son of the actor, who also graced the live session, spoke on the matter.

“She (Jasmine) is 100 per cent (my father’s) daughter, not biological but adopted right from childhood,” he said.

“Maris, who is my step-mother, is being brainwashed by her friends….my own mother is married to another man, but she is in Lagos.”




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