No Sane Person Reinforces Failure: Kate Henshaw Names the Candidate for the 2023 Election

No Sane Person Reinforces Failure: Kate Henshaw Names the Candidate for the 2023 Election

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has criticized those who want to support political parties that support poor governance.

People who support poor governance do so because of the financial benefits that come with it, claims Kate Henshaw in a Sunday tweet.

She emphasized further that no one in their right mind would desire a failed government in all respects.

She continued by saying that the upcoming general elections are crucial to the future of this country and the unborn generation.

She tweeted: “no sane person reinforces failure, but there are some of you because of pecuniary gains, your eyes blinded and you have elongated your necks like that of a giraffe. This election is for the soul of this Nation and future generations.”

Meanwhile, Kate Henshaw recently referred to Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, being unable to process its crude oil as a “shame” on the government’s side.

The actress spoke at a Twitter space titled “Unending fuel crisis, attendant consequences and way forward.”

The actress said fuel subsidy is originally meant to help alleviate and cushion the effect of hardship on people but the subsidy regime in Nigeria doesn’t address the problems.

“To me, it’s a complete shame. It’s evil on the part of the government (both past and current) that we cannot boast of refining our product,” Ms Henshaw said.

She added that it is worrisome that in 2022, when other countries are progressing, Nigeria is still buying refined petroleum products for domestic use.

“It does not make sense that we do not have a functioning refinery in Nigeria. This is a huge indictment on the president who also doubles as the Minister of petroleum,” she lamented.


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