Pastor Enenche issues a stern warning to Nigerians about two candidates they shouldn’t support.

Pastor Enenche issues a stern warning to Nigerians about two candidates they shouldn't support.

Dr. Paul Enenche, senior pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), has urged his congregation not to support candidates who are to blame for the nation’s problems.

In the lead-up to the 2023 presidential election, the clergyman particularly instructed the congregation to disregard the presidential candidates from the two major parties and support the one who had recently garnered popularity.

He lamented the nation’s current state, notably its high rates of inflation, unemployment, and poverty, and he asked Nigerians to change their mindset and vote as patriotic Nigerians in the upcoming elections.

This was spoken by the pastor during a Sunday service held by the church at Glory Dome over the weekend in Abuja.

According to him, Nigerians need to change their approach in choosing their leaders if they are ready for a change.

He said: “Two of the three are of the two big political parties- whose highest and most important achievement so far was the formation of the coalition that brought this current administration into power. One of the two actually prides himself as the one who was solely responsible for the arrival of this administration into office.

“The question is, do we give authority to those who gave us calamity? Do we reward with authority, those who released to us calamity? Do we give leadership to those who gave us hardship? They released to us hardship, and we released to their leadership? No!!!

“We must change our approach if we must end our reproach; we must depart from the old order if we must embrace new wonders- we must reject antiquated, anachronistic ways if we must experience exciting and progressive things.

“Aside from other challenges we have explained before now, the presidential aspirants of the two big political parties are a part of the problem the country is in at this time. They can’t be a part of the solution this time.

“We are left with the only viable, credible, reasonable, reliable option left. That is the 3rd major aspirant you know.”


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