Peter Obi Is An Opportunist, Not A Revolutionary Leader – Bwala

Peter Obi Is An Opportunist, Not A Revolutionary Leader – Bwala

According to Daniel Bwala, a spokesman for the Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Council, Peter Obi, the candidate for the Labour Party (LP), is an opportunist rather than a revolutionary leader.

Bwala claimed in a Channels Television interview on Thursday that the former governor of Anambra State profited from the unrest among young people who feel like they need to take a different path.

He asserted that the LP flagbearer would only do well in the Southern area and that he could not win a single Northern state in the upcoming presidential election.

According to Bwala, the overall number of Obi supporters will not equal the number of people who attended the PDP presidential campaign rally in Katsina.

He said: “Peter Obi is a third force. But Peter Obi is not revolutionary. Peter Obi cashed into a movement — an agitation by young people who feel they need a different path.

“And then what Peter Obi did, he was a member of the PDP; he was running in the PDP. If he had gotten the ticket, he wouldn’t have gone there.

“Even after he left the PDP, he didn’t go to Labour Party. He was scouting for a political party.

“The reason why I don’t bother about Peter Obi, let me tell you today by my discipline of law. Peter Obi as we speak today is running as an independent candidate. He is not a member of the Labour Party.

“Now let’s come down. Where will Peter Obi win? He cannot win one state in the north, the entire north, because we engage in rallies, in campaigns and we listen to people.

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“The same Peter Obi that they are manufacturing all the 419 polls, have you not seen his rallies? All the rallies Peter Obi has had now, all the rallies put together, are not up to our rally in Katsina.”



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