The medical and feeding regimes for Nnamdi Kanu revealed amid failing health claims

The medical and feeding regimes for Nnamdi Kanu revealed amid failing health claims

Some information regarding Nnamdi Kanu’s food and medical regimes has come to light amid allegations and denials that his health is deteriorating while he is under the custody of the State Security Service.

Vanguard discovered the document on Thursday morning that listed the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra’s diet and medical care.

According to the documents, the IPoB leader has the luxury of choosing any meal and beverage of his choosing every day, in contrast to the assertions made by his companions that Kanu was poorly fed and denied access to medical care.

It was revealed that the food Kanu chooses to consume is that which is daily acquired and prepared for him by committed officers in accordance with the the agency keeping him.

The records also showed that Kanu occasionally specifies fast food locations and how to get it for him, and that he has never had such requests turned down.

Vanguard also obtained a list of the Nigerian medical institutions’ public and private experts and consultants, who are routinely sent to Nnamdi Kanu as needed.

According to the document, even though Nnamdi Kanu was taken into the DSS’s custody on June 29, 2021, with a common health issue, the physicians have since stabilized and regularized the situation so that it no longer poses a threat to him.

There is no justification to subject the leader of the IPoB to any inhuman treatment, according to a source familiar with Kanu’s feeding and medical care, who spoke anonymously to Vanguard. The DSS does have a case against Kanu, but it is only keeping him in its safe custody because of a court order.

“The DSS does not have any case or issue with Nnamdi Kanu but was only mandated by the court to keep him in safe custody and it would therefore be absurd to deny him adequate food and medical attention available to every human being.

“It is on record that since Kanu was brought into the DSS custody since June 29, 2021, he has been the one choosing his meals and that is what has always been prepared and served him. In fact, many times, if he does not want food prepared for him, he chooses by himself where and what should be bought for him.

“The same maximum attention is given by the service to his medical services since his arrival in the custody in June of 2021. The best of Nigeria’s consultants in the various fields of medicine are regularly deployed to render services to Kanu without any reservation,” the reliable source stated.

Vanguard however gathered that despite the team of medical experts who have been attending to him, his wish is to be united with and be examined by his friend former medical doctor with the Federal Medical Centre Owerri, who recently relocated abroad with his family.

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The 44-year-old doctor from the South-East, is however said to be pursuing a higher degree in public health and is yet to become a consultant as those who have been attending to Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria.

But when contacted for confirmation, the Public Relations Officer of the Department of State Services, Dr. Peter Afunanya, declined, insisting that the service does not comment on any matter that is pending in court.

It would be recalled that some IPoB officials had claimed that Nnamdi Kanu had been poisoned in the custody of the DSS and that the IPoB leader’s health was waning due to poor medical attention until his family came out to push back some of the claims.



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