They Did Not Know They Killed Their Own People – Suleman Gives Update On Assassination Attempt

They Did Not Know They Killed Their Own People – Suleman Gives Update On Assassination Attempt

Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, has claimed that a few of his staff members were involved in the attempt to assassinate him last year.

The clergyman made this revelation on February 7 and 8, 2023, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during a crusade.

reflects on the convoy that Suleman led on October 21, 2022. Seven police officers and personal assistants died as a result of the terrible occurrence.

The clergyman, who had just returned from Tanzania and was traveling to his home in Auchi Edo State when the attack took place, revealed during the crusade in the US that the aides were among those killed by the assailants, providing more details about the previous incident.

The controversial pastor revealed how he successfully took down one of the perpetrators that pointed a gun at him.

Suleman insisted that even though his car’s tyres weren’t bulletproof, they didn’t blow up when the shooters shot at them.

He said, “Amongst those that were killed that day, there were insiders.

“Those who were part of the plan.

“But the plan was not for them to be where they were.

“They had wasted them before they realised that they had wasted their own people.

“But it’s not everything that I will tell you.

“When God helped us to survive the assassination attempt, somebody was saying that Apostle should go and relax.

“He should thank the driver.

“That it was the driver who saved him.

“But I drove the car.

“The young man that the police killed, I knocked him down.

“As I was driving, he stood in front of me with a gun.

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“I told him you are dead.

“The bonnet of a bullet proof car is not bullet proof.

“They shot the engine to stop the car, but couldn’t.

“The tyres were normal tyres, they shot at them, but the bullet couldn’t penetrate.

“As soon as I got home and parked car, the engine knocked.

“They used nice snipers with M series guns and were told that if they don’t get the job done, they shouldn’t return.

“One General said to me that since I survived that kind of attack, nobody can kill me.

“It is God.

“That day, I came home from Tanzania.

“The Holy Spirit said to me: ‘Go home and see your wife and children.’

“The initial plan was for my wife and children to come and see me and go.

“The Lord said: ‘Go and stay with them.’

“I drove them home.

“I was supposed to move that night, but the Holy Spirit asked me to sleep so I slept.

“I went in the morning and told my wife that I wanted to go with her and the children.

And she said: ‘Holy Spirit told you and you are still coming to tell me?’”



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