YABATECH: Female student who attempted suicide is still alive and responding to treatment

YABATECH: Female student who attempted suicide is still alive and responding to treatment

According to Joe Ejiofor, Deputy Registrar at Yaba College of Technology, the ND1 Marketing student who attempted suicide is still alive and responding to treatment.

On Wednesday, February 8, during the institution’s continuing second-semester exam, it was reportedly discovered that the 18-year-old student, Destiny, had engaged in examination fraud.

The student apparently fell into sadness, went to her dorm, and drank the insecticide thought to be sniper after recently being dumped by her lover. She was drinking something, and one of her roommates noticed. He ran outside and raised alarm

On Friday, February 10, Mr. Ejiofor, who is also the Head of Public Relations at YABATECH, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the college administration, which included the Ag Rector, Uduak Inyang-Udoh, the Dean of Students, and Tunji Balogun, had visited and confirmed her situation.

Despite drinking a chemical liquid believed to be sniper, the young girl, according to Mr. Ejiofor, was soon rescued on Wednesday after her roommate raised the alarm.

This is to let everyone know—including the college community and the outside public—that the rumor that Destiny, the ND1 Marketing student who attempted suicide, has passed away is completely untrue.

The College management has visited her and we can authoritatively say that she’s alive, responding well to treatment and her parents have been contacted and they are with her in the hospital. Her roommate who saw her taking the substance raised alarm and she was quickly taken to the College Medical Centre where she was attended to and stabilised by the Medical Director, Dr. Tunde Nubi, and his team, he added.

The Deputy registrar who condemned the act expressed worry as to why such a young girl would want to take her life.

“But I can tell you that the reason is not related to the news flying around that she was apprehended for exam malpractice or that she was jilted by her boyfriend. In a campus environment like ours, suicide is a major public health concern, he added.

He said when a student dies by suicide, the effects are felt not only by immediate family, relations and friends but by the college community at large.

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As a responsible and responsive management, we try as much possible to guard against such evil act through a series of orientation programmes organised for students in the course of their studies, Ejiofor explained.

He declared that no matter the circumstances and situation anyone finds him or herself, suicide should never be an option.



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