How Bola Tinubu used the principles of 48 LAWS Of Power to become a president

Bola Tinubu used the principles of 48 LAWS Of Power to become a president

Bola Tinubu used many of the principles in the book on his ascension to the throne. I would have loved to dissect all 48 Laws contained in the book, but for the sake of brevity, I will choose a few

Law 1. Never Outshine the Master

Despite the crucial role that BAT played in getting Buhari to Aso Rock,at no point did he attempt to upstage him. He often showed absolute loyalty & respect even in the face of obvious disrespect. He always left trivial insults for the big picture.

Law 4. Always Say Less Than Necessary.

For years, Dino Melaye, Bukola Saraki, Afenifere,Bode George have openly disrespected and insulted Tinubu. BAT might have been taught “Silence is the best answer for a fool” in primary school, but the man took it to extreme lengths He NEVER responded. He only ensured political irrelevance of his foes.

Law 6. Court Attention at All Costs.

For years, critics of Tinubu who were envious of his prominent role in uprooting PDP from Aso Rock, spent years mourning the loss and insulting the man. What they didn’t know was that the insults made him a constant on the lips of everyone.

I have very reliable sources in Aso Rock who said Tinubu intentionally made gaffes like “gazelle garagara” and “bala blu blu bala” to keep his name in the news while distracting his opponents from the big picture. It was ALL misdirection.

Law 7. Get Others to Do the Work for You, but Always Take the Credit.

Tinubu through a middle man instigated Peter Obi into running for Presidency. Obi went to Atiku to beg for a chance to be running mate and was coldly rejected. Atiku told him pointblank that he didn’t associate with failures.

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While Obi was in a sad state (said to be crying), the middle man approached him and said some big men who wanted to remain anonymous will finance his candidacy as an independent candidate. Obi never knew he was being financed by Tinubu to run against him! Very reliable sources close to APC and the man himself confided in me.

Law 15. Crush Your Enemy Totally.

The high number of votes Obi got was intended to psychologically break Atiku. Atiku will always think of what could have been if he teamed up with Obi.This will make him lose taste to run for Presidency again.

If APC which already weakened by Buhari’s ‘poor’ performance could still beat PDP with such a wide margin… the defeat is psychological which is at times more traumatic and longer lasting than physical defeat.

Law 16. Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor.

Tinubu intentionally refused any debates organized. By the time he appeared on Chatham House, BBC and the NESG… audiences hung on EVERY single word he uttered. This is why he had such a strong showing especially in the NESG His absence generated a lot of interest when he finally took the stage.

Law 21. Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker – Appear Dumber Than Your Mark.

While some of his rivals were busy fantasizing how to wrestle control of Lagos State from Tinubu’s hands, they forgot elections were conducted in 36 states plus the FCT. He appeared like a fool but he knew allowing a win in Lagos will even increase the validity of the election results.

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When EFCC was storming his polling units, when military tanks were rolling into Lagos, his critics jubilated not knowing the true purpose of those tanks were to quell any post elections violence.

Law 29. Plan All the Way to the End.

Most mortals would rest easy if they had the “advantages” BAT had. “Oh, I am the ticket holder of the ruling party, I helped the President and his Vice to power, I can sleep assured” Bola Tinubu campaigned harder than his rivals.

He campaigned like he was in a relatively small party like FRESH or Accord. He NEVER left anything to chance from Primaries to Presidency. Even to petitions at tribunals post election, I wouldn’t explain that further.

Law 42. Strike the Shepherd, and the Sheep Will Scatter

At a point when it seemed the Cabal wanted to install another candidate during the APC primaries, Tinubu fearlessly struck at the heart of the Cabal. Glory favours the bold, unlike Atiku who deleted a tweet condemning Deborah Samuel’s death or Peter Obi who ran away from PDP primaries before it even started.

BAT boldly confronted the President, Vice President,Senate President & Party Chairman. Few weeks before elections,a cash shortage & fuel scarcity were caused to negatively affect Tinubu’s chance. He very boldly confronted the Presidency till there was a Supreme Court stalemate.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s political genius should be studied in Universities.

Dr Lexington Steele.




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