Sunday, September 24, 2023

’47 Ministers Will Lead To Highest Cost Of Governance’ – Kenneth Okonkwo Knocks President Tinubu

Labour Party (LP) chieftain, Kenneth Okonkwo, has berated President Bola Tinubu, over the 47 ministerial nominees awaiting confirmation.

We reported that Tinubu had on Wednesday sent the second batch of the ministerial list of 19 nominees to the Senate in addition to the 28 nominees earlier sent last week Thursday.

In a series of posts via his Twitter page on Thursday, Kenneth Okonkwo said the latest move by the president would lead to a high cost of governance and poverty.

According to the Nollywood actor, the salaries that would be used in paying the 47 ministers will be extorted from Nigerians through inordinate taxing, over-pricing of essential commodities and borrowing from outside the county.

Kenneth noted that no state and geo-political zone is allowed to have more than three ministers when others have not gotten a nomination adding it is written in the Federal Character Principle Commission Act and the Senate should be reading the laws.

He wrote: “What a regime? We are heading towards being the poorest country in the world, and this regime is considering setting up the most bloated bureaucracy in the world, which will lead to the highest cost of governance in the world. 47 Ministers when the government is only compelled to have 37. The money to be used to pay them will eventually be extorted from Nigerians through inordinate taxing and over pricing of essential commodities, and borrowing from outside sources because APC regimes produce nothing. I pity Nigerians under this clueless regime

“The proposed ministerial list before the Senate is a blatant breach of the Federal Character Principle Commission Act. No State is allowed to have 3 Ministers when all States have not gotten 2 and no Geo-Political Zone is allowed to have 2 more than any other Geo-Political Zone.

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“The Senate should be reading the laws it made for the peace, order and good governance of Nigeria to be properly guided in its screening exercise. This is the most tribalistic and nepotistic regime in the whole world. We are far from democracy and rule of law in this regime.”

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