Friday, September 29, 2023

Airplane crashes from sky into a house leaving two dead and four injured

Two women inside a house escaped death when a light aircraft fell from the sky and crashed into the roof of their home in Brazil, killing two others.

Bruno Rodrigues da Rocha, 38, and Leonardo Rodrigues da Rocha, 43, died when their light aircraft plunged into a house in Goiânia, the largest city of the Brazilian state of Goiás, on Wednesday, March 22.

Two people were reportedly trapped in the wreckage after the crash according to emergency services, most likely the dead men.

Four other people packed into the small plane survived, as did the two women in the home who escaped uninjured.

The injured were taken to the State Emergency Hospital of the Northwest Region of Goiânia.

The hospital reported that, as of Wednesday night, three patients (two men and one woman) were in serious condition and breathing only sporadically, according to Globo.

The other woman was also in serious condition, but breathing artificially, the title added.

Noticas R7 reported that the pilot informed the city’s control tower that he needed to make an emergency landing, which could indicate that the aircraft had suffered a breakdown.

The Brazilian Air Force is investigating the circumstances of the crash.

The Fire Department set up a structure to support the aircraft which is half mounted onto the building, and half hanging off.

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