Thursday, September 28, 2023

Akpabio To Announce Ministerial Nominees This Week

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio is expected to announce the ministerial nominees at a plenary session this week, ending a two-month wait following President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration.

An amendment to the 1999 Constitution demands that the President and governors disclose the names of minister and commissioner nominees within 60 days of taking the oath of office for Senate or state Houses of Assembly confirmation.

This puts the deadline for President Tinubu and 28 governors to release their respective lists of nominees by the end of this month.

Sources from the National Assembly that spoke with The Punch revealed that the letter with the nominees’ names arrived at the Senate President’s office last week.

However, the unveiling was delayed due to last-minute adjustments to the list.

One of the sources said, “The Senate President received the ministerial list last week, but it wasn’t yet time for him to unveil it.

“There were some last-minute adjustments, and the Senate President had a meeting with President Tinubu over the list last week.”

A lawmaker who craved anonymity said the administration is carefully navigating to minimize backlash, contributing to the delay, assuring that the names would be read out this week.

The source said: “The names of the ministerial nominees will be out this week.

“The Asiwaju-led administration has been trying its best to avoid a backlash. The names will be unveiled this week; that is all I can say.

Another source suggested that the unveiling would surprise many. The delay, he added was intentional due to intense lobbying, but the details of the list would shock a lot of Nigerians.

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The list of the nominees will be unveiled this week, and I can tell you that the details will shock a lot of Nigerians. I mean a lot of big politicians will be thrown aback. This will be the real Asiwaju Tsunami.

A ranking senator shared that the screening process for the nominees is straightforward and could be completed within three days to a week.

There is no big deal about the screening of ministers. The ministers can be screened in three days or one week. Even if we have to call special or emergency sessions after the plenary has closed for this session, we will.

“But I know the list will be read out this week.” the source stated.

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