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Monday, July 15, 2024

Apostle Johnson Suleman tackles Rev Oluoma, over his message on the issue of drinking alcohol

If you remember sometimes ago, Reverend Fada Oluoma Chineye John, a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja, released a video clip on his official Facebook account where he said, “alcohol is Biblical and medicinal just don’t abuse it, take it moderately and it won’t stop anyone from going to heaven.”

The clergy emphasize that it is in the Bible where Paul advised Timothy to take alcohol because of his ailment. He sarcastically said those of you that do not take alcohol and (we) including himself that take it will meet in heaven.

The table was shaking tonight when Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries OFM, slams Rev. Fada Oluoma on the issue of alcohol, saying it is never scriptural to take alcohol.

Apostle Johnson Suleman during his live program “Upon mount zion with Apostle Suleman” tonight on Facebook, where he spoke on the subject ” How people get into bondage”. the first point he mentioned on how people can get into bondage was “through gifts”.

On that point, Apostle Suleman said, some people get addicted to alcohol by having free drinks. How he expounded on it was in total contrast to what father Oluoma says.

Apostle Suleman Said some people carry Bible and they drink alcohol. He said they will quote where the Bible says drink but don’t get drunk. Apostle Suleman read Proverb 20:1, where Bible says ‘wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise’.

Apostle Suleman buttresses this by saying there is no normal person who takes alcohol. He said before you take it you are normal, after taking it, the person is not normal again. He asks if anyone has seen a decent mad man before?

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Apostle Suleman tackled what Fada Oluoma said, that it is when someone takes it too much, that is when it is not good. He asked, what is the percentage of too much?. Apostle Suleman suggests that it is better to avoid it.