Sunday, September 24, 2023

Apst Johnson Suleman set to do N5M giveaway, Nigerians reacts

Apostle Jonson Suleman, President of the Omega Fire Ministry has created a mix reactions on Twitter with his tweet.

The Pastor took to his Twitter handle to announce, on how he will be able to bless people on twitter, by making N5,000,000 to round his 600k followers on Twitter.

He said, “Thinking of blessing people on this street..How do we make N5million  go round over 600k followers?”.

The tweet has generated over 3000 comments, over 1000 retweet and over 9000 likes.

After his tweet, some of his followers reacted to the tweet. Reacting to it,

Danielle said, “Papa please just pray for me please money is not important right now in my life I just need a word from you papa.”

@sauladadeleke: When did this become the job of the church or a pastor?When we give, is it not to be discreet? Matthew 6:3. There are poor and needy people out there. There are sick people who need to be cared for. And we can help them without coming on social media.Shalom

@Nshekwolo: Please go and park somewhere Sir. He said he want to help people on his tweeter. How else will we know if he doesn’t tell us? Please don’t ever criticize Papa anywhere I am. You can go and give discretely. That’s what you know.

@BatelMakysha: 🤷🏻‍♀️My Take sir , Organize a ToughBible quiz sir , let the Youths in our generation go back to learning and studying the word 📖 for themselves and boost there personal walk with God . Anyone that gets any answer correctly should be awarded N10k for 500 winners sir

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@fidelisj722: Sir, Arsenal to beat Aston villa next Saturday is 2.30 odd.. You stake the N5m on arsenal to beat Aston villa. By Saturday evening, we already have N11,500,000. I’m looking at how jesus multiply 2 fishes and 5loaves of of bread. It can happen in our time too sir.

@duduberrry:I just got UK student visa but I dont have money to pay for my school fees and also money to procure a ticket. Pls assist me Kind Pastor 🕊🕊

@Onwuegbule2020: Go to street of Auchi you will find more than 600k people that need it sir. Or possibly look for 10 members in your church and bless them with it to start a business. With this in 5-10 years they will give birth to 50 successful people. Sharing 10k online to people will mean ntn

@fishbone22: He got the attention he was hoping for… As an acclaimed preacher, Didn’t he see orphanages, hospital (urgent ops), PWDs, correctional facilities, homeless n all. Na on twitter e dey find people. U sure say na help or publicity?

@JERRYBEST321: Daddy 5 million is not a joke money, even though it is 10K let it go around to as many as possible, no one that will get the alert of 10K that will not appreciate it.  If you say let us say wat wecan do with the money or our current needs,only me alone can claim half of the money. With the current situation in this country no one that will get the alert of 10K that will not appreciate it, that is the truth! THIS #5million will go a long way, cuz by now a lot of people we be bringing out different strategies on how they can cliam the money all to themselves.

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@pure_spirited: We are in a social media age where vast majority of people are on social media doing one thing or the other. And of course, we can’t deny that this life no balance especially in Nigeria where things are hard for common man, money is needed to get shit together. But if you should feed me today won’t I get hungry tomorrow? 🤔 So I suggest you invest in 10persons so the money won’t go down just for once meal but long life meal if 600k partake of 5m trust me they will come asking to drop account tomorrow. So I suggest it should be given to Like 10persons who has find favour in God’s sight Thank you sir





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