Wednesday, September 27, 2023

BBN All Stars’ Seyi Awolowo Brags About How His Sons Will Fvck Other People’s Daughters: [VIDEO]

BBNaija All Stars housemate, Seyi Awolowo, is now trending after talking about how his sons will sleep with people’s daughters.

Seyi became the number one trending topic on Twitter after videos went viral over his strange comments about women and the plans he has for his sons in their relationship with ladies.

In one of the viral clips, Seyi was seen speaking with Soma and Whitemoney when he went ahead to brag about how his sons will run trains on people’s daughters.

The reality show star claimed that he was already saving money towards it and he has set up ‘shina’ accounts for his son and the sons of his friends and he has saved money there. ‘Shina’ is a Yoruba slang that loosely translates to being randy in English.

In the video, Seyi boasted about how his sons will sleep with people’s daughters and also run trains on them. According to Dictionary.com, ‘run train’ means when multiple men sleep with a woman one after the other, with or without her consent.

Seyi also bragged about how his sons will meet him in future to ask for the key to his Benz and he will give it to them as well as a key to the guest house so that can run train on people’s daughters.

In his words:

I gave birth to a boy first, he will fxck your daughter! And I don dey save. I get shina account for my son, miscellaneous account, I dey pay money. I get that account for son, I get that account for my guy son, I get that account for a lot of my boys, their son, they will fxck your daughter! My boys! Dem go come meet me say ‘daddy I need the Benz’, I will give them the Benz, I will give them the key to the guest house, them go go run train on people’s daughters. I dey say am plainly and I know where I dey talk am from, I’m giving birth to boys and dey go dey fxck people daughters.”

See the viral video below:

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Seyi’s statements about women and how his sons will ‘deal’ with them soon became a major discussion on social media. A number of netizens could not hide their disappointment.

Read some of their comments below:

Teejayphat: “Plot twist: His son comes out as gay at age 14, now men are running a train on him! … you dey whine yourself !!!”

amanorahskin: “Seyi’s wife!!! Remain anonymous for life… please!!!” ope____: “And na person marry this guy oo. Omoo people Dey marry nonsense sha. So he’s indirectly saying f*** his wife too. God abeg.”

iamsmocky: “He thinks he’s wise and very good at manipulating. One dude I’ve grown to dislike with him opolo eyes. Na him wife I pity.”

Flowerbeesweet: “This guy will be scary behind closed doors.” okrikaplus_: “I am scared for the women in that house. The misogyny in that house is loud!!!”

PB called Seyi an idiot:

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