Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Cardi B Throws Mic At Fan During Concert [VIDEO]

Cardi B was furious and visibly upset after a fan threw a drink at her during a concert on Saturday. The incident took place while the rapper was performing at an outdoor event, and it has caught everyone’s attention.

As the singer was delivering a captivating performance, a fan decided to disrupt the show by throwing their drink at her, which left her shocked and angry.

In a video that has now gone viral, Cardi B can be seen retaliating by throwing her microphone at the fan. Her anger was evident as she yelled at the concert-goer while her team rushed to remove the disruptive attendee from the crowd.

The response on social media has been largely supportive of Cardi B. Many applauded her for standing up against such unruly behaviour. Fans have called out the concert-goer’s lack of respect for the artist and urged people to stop throwing things at performers. Many users expressed that artists are human too and deserve to be treated with respect.

Meanwhile, Cardi B has been making headlines recently due to her public feud with her husband, Offset. Last month, Offset accused Cardi of cheating on him, leading to speculation that the couple’s fight was a publicity stunt for their new song, “Jealousy,” released on July 28. Addressing these rumours on Instagram, Cardi B denied the rumours and stated that the accusations were not a stunt, but a result of someone starting trouble online.

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