Saturday, September 23, 2023

‘God should have taken me instead’ — purported boyfriend of doctor killed in elevator accident cries out

The tragic demise of Vwaere Diaso, a medical doctor who lost her life in a devastating elevator accident at a Lagos hospital, has prompted her alleged boyfriend to share his heart-wrenching emotions on social media.

On Tuesday, while inside the General Hospital in Lagos Island, Diaso experienced a fatal incident when the elevator she was in plummeted from the 10th floor. Since then, social media platforms have been flooded with expressions of outrage, with many Nigerians holding the hospital’s management accountable for negligence.

Just before news of Diaso’s passing became public, a Twitter user (@stball_) had openly displayed his infatuation with her.

However, following the tragic announcement, he posted a series of tweets expressing his overwhelming sorrow and devastation. Though he didn’t mention her name directly, he indicated that he had envisioned spending the rest of his life with her.

The sudden contrast between his previous adoration for her and the harsh reality of her death left him questioning the purpose of life without her presence. His anguish was evident as he struggled to come to terms with the devastating loss, unable to find solace even in sleep.

One minute you are talking about how obsessed you are with her, another minutes you’re hearing she passed away. I hate this life,” he wrote.

“This can’t be true. This is too much for me to handle and you know there has never been a time I thought about my future that I didn’t think of her right beside me. it just doesn’t make sense, what is the point of living when the one person that gave me reason to live is not with me?

“I can’t even sleep. at least if I sleep, I will be able to wake up from this bad dream. this is torture.

“God should have killed me instead.

The heartfelt tweets have received widespread engagement as numerous users continue to offer their condolences.

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In response to the tragic incident, the Nigerian Medical Association directed its members in government hospitals on Lagos Island to initiate an indefinite strike in protest of Diaso’s death.

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