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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Kelly Hansome ‘Disgraced’ Out Of APC Meeting In America (Video)

Members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), America chapter, on Sunday, kicked out Nigerian Singer Kelly Hansom for challenging the status quo.

In the video that surfaced on social media, Handsome was escorted out of the building after airing his displeasure over happenings in their home State, Imo.

Speaking about the altercation in the meeting, the US-based singer, via his Instagram, explained that some political heads in his state, including Senator Athan Achonuwere were trying to suppress freedom of speech.

He added that he was only trying to set records straight about the insecurity in Imo state, which he alleged was sponsored by the state government, led by Hope Uzodinma, when he was asked to leave the meeting.

He further maintained that no one should collaborate with anyone to destroy his people, adding that it is not ok.

Sharing the video, he wrote: “Trying to practice the suppression of the freedom of speech in a country where there is respect for human rights is a dumb move. They called the police to escort me out and I left, honorably. No disrespect intended, just the truth. Everybody knows the truth. 🤷‍♂️#imostate

“You came to know our mind and we have told you our mind and you have asked us out and we’re out. That’s suspicious. Where’s the money? Nowhere. So, stop speaking English.”

In another post, he added, ”Senator Atan invited me to join the an Imo State forum apparently organized by APC to canvass for another 4 years of failure to do the needful. I’m trying to set the records straight about his statement on the insecurity issues in Imo State, he iindirectly admitted that the government of IMO state was responsible for the insecurity in Imo State that took lives of our loved ones over there and has kept the whole state in fear and unrest.

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“He said, I stood up to tell him a that that was not ok. Denying the situation on ground while trying to make us believe that the news we hear o we here in the diaspora is made up to create a false representation of the real situation on Ground, is not ok. We have people living there as we speak so we get reports directly from them and we know it is not ok. Nobody should collaborate with anyone to destroy his own people, that is not ok.

“It would have been better to come clean saying, we have failed you so, what do we do to make things better starting from this moment? Not trying to fool us into thinking that we are delusional. No, we are well informed. Can you beat a child and tell a child not to cry? No! And they called the security to walk me out. No issues but I have spoken the mind of the Imo people.” {SIC}

Watch video below;