Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Kendall Jenner Gets Naked On A Horse For New Stella McCartney Campaign [VIDEO]

In a seamless convergence of Kendall Jenner’s deep-rooted connection to both fashion and the equestrian world, a significant announcement was made earlier today, unveiling her as the fresh face of Stella McCartney. The Winter 2023 campaign, under the captivating tagline “HORSE POWER,” introduces Kendall Jenner as the emblematic Stella girl of the season.

This revelation came via an Instagram post that eloquently encapsulated the campaign’s essence, highlighting the interplay of Kendall’s affinity for horses and the responsibly sourced materials embraced by Stella McCartney.

The campaign stands as an ode to the enduring bonds that exist between humans and horses, embracing themes of family, nature, and the timeless connections that weave them together.

Comprising a collection that mirrors Stella’s personal passions, the campaign proudly underscores its use of 92% responsibly obtained materials.

The Instagram post, a solitary snapshot, commands attention in its simplicity. It portrays Kendall Jenner elegantly sprawled upon a resplendent white horse, an emblem of grace and power. Yet, this image carries a distinctive twist.

Jenner’s form is artfully adorned with only a pair of towering boots, cascading casually over the steed’s flank. She holds a coordinating bag, echoing the pattern of her footwear.

The post’s comment section burgeoned with diverse reactions, with a significant portion of viewers expressing perplexity over the campaign’s artistic direction. Some voiced concerns about how this aligns with Stella McCartney’s well-established commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion, underscoring a perceived disparity between the new announcement and the brand’s enduring principles.

Kendall Jenner Poses Nude On The Back Of A Horse


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Recently, Kendall Jenner and her new boyfriend Bad Bunny have been hitting up some concerts together. The pair attended a Drake show in LA alongside Kim Kardashian and Tristan Thompson earlier this month. While at the show Drake took the opportunity to confirm that he has a collaboration with Bad Bunny on his new album For All The Dogs. Just yesterday, Drake revealed the art for the project and it’s expected to arrive later this week.

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The duo also went to a recent 50 Cent show but nobody told 50 that. Afterward, the rapper publicly slammed Live Nation for failing to tell him that the pair were in attendance. What do you think of Stella McCartney naming Kendall Jenner as the next Stella Girl?

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