Friday, September 22, 2023

Man Who Rode Bicycle From Benue to Lagos to Meet Davido Arrives After 15 Days

A man who is believed to be riding a bicycle from Benue to meet Davido has arrived in Lagos. Last week, the man identified as Emmi Wuks said he has spent eight days on the road to see the music star.

The cyclist also rallied support from other social media users to ensure the information gets to Davido. In his reply, Davido stressed that he is currently not home. He urged the fan to turn around and go back home.

But Emmi Wuks insisted on coming to Lagos to see Davido, adding that he is already in Benin.

Responding, Davido asked the cyclist to send his bank account details, maintaining he is not home. The singer also encouraged him to embark on the journey when he returns.

The cycling fan refused to return home despite the monetary promise from Davido. He said he will wait until he sees the singer physically.

“And I will never ask for it…Until Jesus is born before you will die until I see my boss face to face like 2face,” he wrote on X.

Emmi Wuks arrived in Lagos on Friday evening and was welcomed by the Tiv community in the state.


Davido previously shared a post indicating that he is currently in Croatia.

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He recently expressed his worries after another fan opened up on plans to trek from Taraba to Lagos just to see him.

With strings of awards and honourary mentions, the singer has established himself as one of the leading names in the African music industry.

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