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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Niger Republic: Inferiority Complex Is Pushing You To Make Harsh Decisions – Yesufu Blasts President Tinubu

Political activist, Aisha Yesufu has berated President Bola Tinubu over the methods employed in tackling the chaos in the Niger Republic.

Naija News recalls that Tinubu had sought the approval of the senate to take military actions against the embattled country.

However, the lawmakers had refused to grant the president permission and advised on more diplomatic measures.

Speaking on the situation, Yesufu condemned the president for his stringent measures.

She argued that if the Labour Party flag bearer, Peter Obi were president and replicating such measures, he would have come under heavy criticism.

She opined that Tinubu is suffering from inferiority complex, hence his need to always try and prove himself.

According to her, “Imagine for a moment it was Peter Obi in office and he made a mess of the situation in Niger. The people whose voices would have been hoarse by now are quiet and blind to the immature handling of the whole situation.

“#NotMyPresidentTinubu used to crude handling of those who oppose started with the last resort

“Countries with military power to do what they like will still be using words like “ all options are on the table but the illegitimate President in Nigeria heading ECOWAS decided to start threatening to use force.

“From someone they said has been prepared to rule from the beginning.

“Inferiority complex is dangerous especially in leadership position. In a desperate bid to be seen as one who knows what he is doing and also to get legitimacy #NotMyPresidentTinubu started from a bilateral deal that has been there for decades.”

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