Sunday, September 24, 2023

Nigerian Man in Canada Who Earns Lot of Money Shows Why He Cannot Enjoy It, Video Emerges

A Nigerian man who moved to Canada for better opportunities has shared his experience of living in a foreign country.

He said he only comes home daily to sleep on his bed for a few hours and then rushes back the next day to continue working hard.

He portrayed that he barely has time to enjoy the beautiful scenery or make new friends in Canada, as he is always busy with his job.

He is not alone; others commented that they sometimes work 21 hours a day to survive in the expensive and competitive environment. They said they miss their families and friends in Nigeria but have no choice but to endure the challenges of living abroad.

Watch the video below:

@thecharways Most times it feels like when you get home from work you have to turn around and go back, its the lifestyle in Canada. Nit complaining, just saying. #lifestyle #canada #lifeincanada #africantiktok #ghanatiktok🇬🇭 #zimtiktok #fypシ #explore #travel #thecharways ♬ original sound – stylevintee

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