Friday, September 22, 2023

Peter Obi: Plot Thickens As Rufai Oseni Exposes Photoshopped Picture Shared By Reno Omokri

Popular TV host, Rufai Oseni has revealed that a viral picture of him and Labour Party ( LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi was photoshopped in a bid to deceive the public.

The picture in question is of him wearing a shirt with the inscription ‘Hello Daddy.’

The picture went viral after former presidential aide, Reno Omokri shared the picture on his Twitter handle and claimed that Oseni is on the payroll of Peter Obi.

Omokri accused the LP flag bearer of contributing financially to the burial of Oseni’s mother.

However, speaking via Twitter on Thursday morning, Oseni shared the original picture which shows him wearing a shirt with a Batman logo.

Below are the pictures

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20230831 112340

Oseni wrote, “When a lie travel for years the truth will meet it and surpass it, very soon the truth will come out.

“Lies might be bold but the truth is silent, when the truth finally speaks all of you will be surprised. In fact the truth is all around and you are not just diligent enough to find it but you are caught in the spectacle of lies.

“Lies want attention don’t take them seriously, they capitalize on your ability not to do your research. It’s all a game, in the end you are one they have fooled. Be wise OO.

“How fake news starts! Be careful what you believe online!

“As a young man I have always preferred Batman as a superhero so I have Batman shirts so I wore one on the day I did the interview but see how the picture was manipulated.

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