Sunday, September 24, 2023

Seyi Awolowo: There Will Be More Single Mothers In Nigeria Next Year – Reno Omokri

Political analyst, Reno Omokri has said that there will be more single mothers in Nigeria next year because of the BBNaija show.

Omokri stated this while reacting to one of the BBNaija All Stars housemate, Seyi Awolowo’s statement, saying that he would teach his sons to carry out illicit sexual affairs on women.

Sharing a picture of Seyi’s grandfather, Obafemi Awolowo, Omokri lamented that the moral fabric of the society is being destroyed by young men who believe that boys and men should be raised to satisfy their lusts for women.

Omokri argued that unwanted babies are constantly being abandoned due to the illicit affair of their parents.

He noted that there would be more unmarried mothers in the society because of the morals pushed by the programme.

According to him, “Marriage is for the couple’s companionship, the procreation of children, and the satisfaction of their natural libido. Sadly, in the Black world, the moral fabric of our society is being destroyed by young men who believe that boys and men should be raised to satisfy their lusts for women, which has led to a situation where we have the highest paternity fraud, abortion rates, and single motherhood of all the races on God’s Green Earth.

“In 2023, no week has gone by without the Nigerian media carrying stories of babies abandoned in latrines, rubbish heaps, uncompleted buildings and other such unholy places. Some birds are actually better parents than many of our kind. I run an orphanage in Nigeria, and I know first hand the pain of child abandonment.

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“And an immoral broadcast like #BBNaija will further destroy whatever is left of the tattered moral fabric of Southern Nigeria’s society. Just by virtue of that programme, there will be more unwed mothers in Nigeria next year. This is by no means hyperbole. To think that such low morals even emanates from a scion of a man with the highest moral rectitude ever seen in a Nigerian politician. That epitome of the Omoluabi culture must be rolling in his grave over this disgrace!

“I must commend Northern Nigeria, however. To a huge extent, they have been able to keep the moral cancer of Big Brother away from their society. To think that some of us yan kudu believe we are more civilised than Arewa. And let us ask ourselves what is the benefit of the programme to our society. It corrupts our morals, rakes in billions for its local and foreign promoters, and gives a tiny fraction of what it gets from viewers as prize money to a housemate that will spend it on either body enhancement or flexing. What a pity. If only our National Broadcasting Commission knew its job, that show would be off the air!”


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