Sunday, September 24, 2023

Snatch another woman’s husband if she doesn’t know how to take care of him — Blessing CEO

Blessing Okoro also known as Blessing CEO, a relationship expert has advised young beautiful girls to snatch any man whose wife is not treated well, she said this on her Facebook page while advising her fans.

Blessing went on to say that men who pay bills are scarce, even women of these days will not honour their husbands but, they will choose to worship their pastor and be kneeling for them.

She also speaks on how women don’t respect their husbands, while their husbands will be talking, they will be running their mouths, without respect, but will rather respect their pastors.

In her words, she said:

“Snatch another woman’s man, If she does not know how to take care of her man and respect him, overtaking is allowed. I said what I said. There are so many that are in relationships and marriages that are waiting for you beautiful girls to come and save them.

They are suffering in the relationship. They are suffering in the marriage, yes. So if you see anyone that you can snatch, snatch.

There are lots of married women that are not treating their husbands right. Yes, so women feel that because they have married them that they have entered the house. They will just be doing any how.

They don’t know that good men are scared, especially men that pay bills. So when you see a woman that is not treating her odogwu right, snatch him, pamper him like a man.

You know men are like babies, you see that thing that Delilah did in the Bible? a whole Sampson, a whole sampson, a strong man in the Bible. Delilah brought his down fall Delilah carried him and put in between her laps and Barbed his hair.

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Yes, a lot of men are suffering in marriage jokes apart, a lot of men are looking for exit plan in marriage. Jokes apart, a lot of people married the wrong people for better for worse does not mean you should die there. So it is OK if you see a man that is miserable, that needs affection, that needs attention, you are his prayer point.

In fact every day there are some married men that are praying for good woman to come and save them. A lot of men have not left that miserable marriage because they have not seen any good woman who can treat them better.

We are in Africa. So anybody way no fit treat im husband well, collect am, name de tell you with my full chest, because the way women are beginning to misbehave these days, I see a lot of them, they will kneel down and be greeting their pastor. They’ll be worshipping their pastor that in the Lord. But when you get home, you cannot honor your husband.

Your husband will be talking, be running your mouth or every time you are nagging. You always compete with your husband, but you don’t compete with your pastor. You don’t compete with your boss. No respect, no regard. You don’t see the man finish.

Men are scarce, I remember what I said. Men that pay bills are scarce. So if you have that man that is still paying bills and you refuse to respect him, beautiful girls on the street, I have given you the permission to snatch the man.

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Because trust me, a man goes to where he finds peace, where they treat him like egg, forget about all these noisemakers on the Internet. Internet is different from real life. We leave the noisemakers.

A lot of men are actually very miserable. A lot of women have taken advantage to the fact that society, you know, give them some sort of opportunity. So many women are beginning to abuse men. In fact, men are getting more abused in marriages right now than women.

Women will abused the men and still come and cry at the same time. A man that is being treated right by his wife or his girlfriend will not look outside. You cannot snatch a man. That a woman is treating well is a lie. If you treat your man well, you will not look twice.

I know that they are Randy men. I know that they are men that do not have self-control. Those ones are the ones that just want to have sex. I’m talking about men that want to date men that are looking for companion men that are looking to communicate with.

There are so many husband that have not spoken to their wife for three years. They sleep in different rooms. No conversations, no communications. A lot of men are lonely. Many women are not lonely because they find comfort in their children. You know the kind children to school do all that. A lot of men are lonely. The only thing that keeps them busy is their job.

After work, all they do is probably go to be a parlor or go and watch football. That man is waiting for you to come and put a smile on his face. Yes you might be the one that he has been praying for. So it is OK to snatch. What did I say? Snatch That man that your wife refused to take care of after all It is your duty as a woman to respect your husband.

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If you refuse to respect him, another woman will snatch him from you and show you the value of a man.”

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