Thursday, September 28, 2023

Woman escapes being k!lled by a man who hit her car in Abuja

An Abuja-based woman has narrated how she was almost shot to d£ath by a man who bashed her car on Saturday night, July 23.

According to her, “I was driving behind this man on Saturday, when I saw him trying to reverse, I stopped and waited for him to do whatever he was trying to do, only for him to bash my car.

He came down and walked towards my window, I thought that he was coming to apologize but instead he started shouting at me and claiming right. He said I should have reversed when I saw him reversing.

An argument ensued which attracted onlookers who wanted to know what was going on. I came down to explain, in the process of explaining and arguing with the man, he threatened that he will b£at me up and k!ll me and nothing will happen, that no one can do anything about it.

I told him he can’t do such and he went into his car, brought out his pistol, conked it and pointed straight at me and fir£d it. I moved swiftly and he missed, he wanted to shoot again but his g¥n jammed and while he was trying to unjam the g¥n, people rushed in and intervened. He then fir£d the second sh%t in the air before driving off.”

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