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Thursday, July 11, 2024

‘You Were Laughing At Davido Like You’re Better’ – BRed’s Alleged Chat With Wife Over ‘Side Chick’ Leaks

A series of WhatsApp chats between Nigerian singer, Adebayo Adeleke, popularly known as Bred, and his wife Faith Johnson have emerged online.

We report that in December last year, there were reports online that the marriage of BRed, a cousin to Afrobeat singer, Davido, had crashed as the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Though the wedding of B-Red and Faith was never known to the public, but the lovebirds claimed they were married.

Earlier this year, Faith, in a cryptic social media post, said that the red flags one ignores at the beginning of a relationship would end up being the reason for their breakup.

Since then, the couple never addressed the marital crisis online.

However, Faith’s friend, via a burner Instagram account, on Thursday, 10 August, shared Bred’s chat with his wife Faith after travelling with an alleged side chick identified as Stella to Atlanta.

Faith alleged that she saw a video of BRed opening the door for Stella, who was recording him as if he was her man.

BRed repeatedly denied having an affair with Stella while claiming that she is just a fan who wants to hang out with him.

As the heated conversation progressed, he admitted to embarrassing his wife, Faith, and asked for her forgiveness.

Also, in one of the chats, Faith recalled how BRed was laughing at his cousin, Davido, for his numerous side chicks, and he is worse.

Faith’s friend wrote: “I’m sorry Faith I had to do this, I had to break ur trust, I can’t watch people drag u on the internet and not saying anything. I’m sorry for betraying ur trust, and u will know who did when this goes viral, so just know I did this to defend you, I did not break the sister code. Bayo should put his pr*ck in one place, he he doesn’t have to be like david just because they are related